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Nail Enhancements


Acrylic Full Set$30+
Acrylic Fill-Ins$20+

Pink & White

Pink & White Acrylic also called “Permanent French” or “Two Tone”. This is the most popular fashion trend for women. It’s classic, clean, natural, shiny and ready to go without the weight of polish to dry or polish wearing off. Its non yellowing formula is done in a double process with white powder for the free edge and pink powder on nail bed.
Pink & White Full Set$45
Pink & White Fill In$40
Pink Fill Only$25+

Organic Dipping & Shellac Gel

UV Gel is a great coating over natural or acrylic nails. Gel will keep nails shiny & natural without polish. It’s recommended for those who constantly work with their hands and don’t want to worry about their shine fading.
Shellac Gel Polish Only$25
Shellac Gel Polish with Manicure$35
Dipping (Organic) Full Set$35+